The Rainmaker Podcast

My Personal Rainmaker Story with Special Guest Alysha Nazabal

October 19, 2022 Veronica Romney Episode 9
The Rainmaker Podcast
My Personal Rainmaker Story with Special Guest Alysha Nazabal
Show Notes

Are you curious to know about my Rainmaker story? I couldn't share it by myself, so I'm switching seats, and Alysha Nazabal, a Rainmaker inside the Rainmaker Residency™, is interviewing me today. I'm opening up and telling my story of being the Rainmaker for some of the biggest brands in the world.

We start by bringing it back to my childhood to uncover my work ethic and how my parents, who ran their company for over 30 years, helped craft me into the woman I am today. I share my experience from being a Marketing Intern at an MLM to becoming a Director of SEO & PPC in my twenties and re-building the team from the ground up.

I share my first step into being a Visionary, from dropshipping bulk candy to side-hustling building my agency alongside growing my family. But when the pandemic hit, like many, my life changed completely. I took a step back and started working with some of the biggest brands from Pete Vargas to BossBabe. I discuss what it was like working as the Chief of Staff inside BossBabe, and how I eventually also became a Rainmaker for them too.

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