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Lauren Goldstein: When CEOs Regress into Chief Everything Officers

June 14, 2023 Veronica Romney Episode 42
The Rainmaker Podcast
Lauren Goldstein: When CEOs Regress into Chief Everything Officers
Show Notes

Today I'm joined by Lauren Goldstein, discussing our experiences as fractional consultants and delving into the issue of CEOs taking on too many responsibilities. This episode discusses the psychological barriers hindering CEOs from delegating tasks and relinquishing control to scale their businesses. We delve into the challenges of balancing the visionary mind of a CEO with the discipline required of a leader, emphasizing the value of thinking time and the curse of knowledge. 

Discover practical strategies for steering CEOs back on track, maintaining relationship equity, and making critical hires with discernment and intuition. In this episode, you will gain insights into the challenges faced by outside consultants and the importance of speaking truth to power in real-world CEO scenarios.

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Lauren Goldstein is founder and CEO of the award-winning and globally-recognized business consulting firm, Golden Key Partnership. Her clients lovingly call her “The Biz Doctor” (which also happens to be the name of her podcast). Her superpower is helping 7-figure service-based entrepreneurs and Fortune-500 companies uncover what is keeping them stuck in the trenches of their business, so that they can have more freedom, impact, success, happier teams, and can breathe a much needed sigh of relief.

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