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Changing Nature of CMOs Today with Monica Ho, SOCi's CMO

August 16, 2023 Veronica Romney Episode 47
The Rainmaker Podcast
Changing Nature of CMOs Today with Monica Ho, SOCi's CMO
Show Notes

Join Monica Ho and me in this eye-opening episode as we delve into the ever-evolving role of the CMO in today's dynamic marketing landscape. With Monica's extensive background in digital marketing, she provides invaluable insights into self-development and staying competitive in the industry.

From discussing the significance of corporate mentors and leadership styles to balancing strategy and people management, we explore the challenges faced by marketers in today's fast-changing landscape. We also shed light on the crucial CEO-CMO relationship and the need for personal growth and investment in team members.

Tune in to discover how to thrive in marketing, debunk cutthroat competition, and make the right career decisions with the help of mentors and a supportive network. Don't miss this engaging conversation packed with wisdom and practical advice for navigating the evolving role of the CMO.

Learn more about Monica:

As CMO, Monica is responsible for developing and leading SOCi’s marketing and communications functions, as well as ensuring the company is uniquely positioned in the highly crowded marketing technology landscape. Monica’s tenure in the industry includes over 20 years of digital marketing, advertising, and research experience, including a solid foundation in sales, strategy, and data analytics. Prior to SOCi, she served as Global CMO at GroundTruth (formerly xAd, Inc), where she helped grow the business from an early stage start-up to an award-winning global brand.

Well regarded in the space, Monica has received numerous accolades and awards, including being ranked one of The Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising (3 years in a row) by Business Insider and one of the 100 most influential North American b2b tech marketers by Hot Topics. In addition to her role at SOCi, Monica serves on the board of directors for NAMI Central Texas as well as on several advisory boards for digital marketing and technology start-ups within NY, TX, and CA.

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