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The Marketing Maverick Who Defied 40 Years of Career Expectations with Kim Feil

November 29, 2023 Veronica Romney Episode 62
The Rainmaker Podcast
The Marketing Maverick Who Defied 40 Years of Career Expectations with Kim Feil
Show Notes

Ever wondered about the twists and turns that make a successful marketing career? In this episode, I sit down with Kim Feil, Aspire Brands' Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, unravelling her unconventional path in the marketing realm.

How did Kim navigate her unique journey and collaborate with major consumer brands? What insights does she share on ambition, self-improvement, and aligning personal values with professional pursuits?

Join our conversation as we explore the nuances of handling challenging work environments, the weight of reputation, and the art of articulating one's worth. Come along for an insightful and personal exploration of the dynamic world of marketing and the keys to a truly gratifying career.

Learn more about Kim:

Kim Feil is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer of ASPIRE® Healthy Energy Drinks, an international brand reinventing energy for adults with all natural caffeine and vitamins for every day use. Following a 32-year public company career as CMO of OfficeMax, Walgreens, Sara Lee, Kimberly-Clark; CEO/President of divisions of Information Resources, Inc., and executive roles with Dr Pepper/7UP, Kim now draws on her transformation experiences as a manufacturer, retailer and insights provider to grow PE-backed companies and brands.

Kim serves on the boards of ASPIRE, Naturally Chicago and The CMO Club. She has been an advisor to retail tech companies Rubikloud, RetailNext and 12Digit Marketing. She is a past board member of Roundy’s, a public grocery retailer, PowerReviews and On the Border Cantina Restaurants.

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